Anubhav Biotech Ltd.

Quality Policy

To us, quality is a journey, not a destination.

We affirm that, during a manufacturing process, quality is the fundamental consideration and it can not be compromised in any cost. We endeavor for a continuous quality up gradation on the basis of customers feedback. Safety for all individuals in the supply chain from the production personnel to the end user is a mandatory and a strictly enforced issue to us. Regular replacement of ageing technology and adoption of cutting edge know-how is always given a priority.

We always try to give more than the customers expect and give more priority to their interest than that of our own. We empower our human resource so that everyone is accountable and responsible for achieving our priority objective of superior product quality. All employees have the right to question their supervisor's decisions or actions if they feel that quality is being compromised. To us, freedom from environmental hazards is a prime pre-requisite for acceptance of any technology.