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Source: Aspergillus Oryzae

THEAZYME is a natural enzyme formulation derived from a specific GRAS* listed microorganism. It contains a stabilized mixture of Pectinase, Cellulase and Xylanase in specifically buffered medium.

THEAZYME helps in braking down of cell walls within the tea leaves during processing so that the leaves are better oxidized during fermentation and the release of the intra-cellular compounds which contributes to the flavour and liquor is enhanced.

THEAZYME is an absolute natural product and it does not leave any residue in the processed tea. It is suitable for application in food grade products.

Product Specifications:-
THEAZYME is a stabilized and buffered formulation of Fungal Pectic Pectyl Hydrolase, Poly 1,4-D Galactouronide Glycano Hydrolase, Endo-1,4-Beta-Glucanase, Exo-1,4-Beta-Glucanase, 1,4-Beta-Glucosidase, Endo-1,4-Beta-Xylanase,1,4-Beta-Xylosidase and 1,4-Beta-Mannosidase.It is absolutely non-toxic and suitable for application on tea. Addition of these enzymes are recommended amount is permitted under PFA Act

Optimal pH range of THEAZYME is 6.0 to 8.0. The teparature spectrum of THEAZYME is 15 Degree – 50 Degree Centigrade. THEAZYME is freely soluble in water in any ratio.

1. It improves appearance of made tea. Like it makes made tea Black in colour and enhances bloom.

2. It enhances liquor quality. Increases TF (Theaflavin) and TR (Thearubigin) content of liquor. Enhances Total Liquor Colour (TLC). THEAZYME also removes pectin and other hazy bio-polymers from liquor. Thus THEAZYME improves brightness and strength of the liquor.

3. It increases the amount of water extractable solids in made tea, which, in turn, improves body of liquor and increases cuppage.

4. It decreases Crude Fiber Content. It reduces the amount of fibrous tea waste and decreases embedded fiber in made tea. So recovery percentage is increased.


300 - 350 ml THEAZYME dilute in 10 – 12 liters of clean water and spray evenly in 750 kgs of withered leaf in withered trough just 45 minutes before feeding in the Rotorvane. Alternatively, the solution can be sprayed within input hopper of the Rotorvane at a pre-calibrated constant rate during leaf feeding.

For Orthodox
400 – 500 ml of THEAZYME dilute in 6 - 7 liters of clean water and spray evenly in 1000 kgs of withered leaf in withered trough just 30 minutes before feeding in Rolling Table. Alternatively, the solution can be sprayed evenly and continuously in 1000 kgs of withered leaf at Rolling table.

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